Why did you write this book?

As parents of young children we were having a hard time imagining the world our children would live in and how today's public debates would impact the next generation. I (John) wrote this book as a way to heal, find hope and make sense of the discord happening in our nation. After sharing my first draft with my wife, she felt that there were other parents out there who felt the same way and could benefit from a book like this and encouraged me to get it published.

Who is this book for?

This book was written for parents and children who are looking for a way to understand how today's decisions and motivations behind them have a real impact on people and families. The book is a way to empower children to know that no matter what happens today, they are the future and have the power to make the world a better place.

What about the politics?

While adults may choose to see things through political lenses, children will not. We personally do not believe any one issue can define a political party or that one party is right and the other is wrong. But we do believe that there are issues today that transcend politics and must be addressed in sensible and humane ways. This book takes place in a fictional world, helps children understand complex issues through their eyes, and empowers children to believe they can change the future. What is getting lost today is the opportunity to teach our children to be better people than the ones that came before them, and we hope this book reminds us that it is still possible.

Will there be other Mr. Trumpet books? 

Yes! Currently we are planning on at least 2 other stories which we are working on concurrently. We will be sharing more about these other stories shortly. There are other topics that we feel are important to bring up, so more stories are definitely on their way.

Will there be other books after the Mr. Trumpet Series?

That is our hope and goal. We hope Strong Kidz Books will continue to publish stories for children and parents to help raise our kids to be more compassionate and braver than the generation before them.

What is the book audience age range?

Mr. Trumpet series is for early readers (kids of ages 4-8) but can be enjoyed by children and adults of any age. It is written for children to be able to relate to today's complex issues in a fun and exciting way and also give parents hope that they are planting seeds for a brighter future.

Is there anything we can do after reading the book?

Here at Strong Kidz Books we want families to be able to take the lessons learned from our books and apply them to the real world. We are partnering with organizations and plan on highlighting stories and people that relate to the content of each book we write. Families can read about real life stories and find ways to get involved, whether through volunteering or donating. If you know of a cause or organization worth highlighting, please connect with us at info@strongkidzbooks.com.